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#BeTheEnvy – FAQs and Tips on NV | Jeunesse Live Replay April 15, 2017

Apr 19, 2017 | Jeunesse LIVE

Everything you’ve been asking about NV™ by Jeunesse

NV™ by Jeunesse launched with a fury in February, and the fire is burning bright. While NV is selling out throughout the North America market, we are now preparing to launch it in Europe at our Amsterdam Regional Convention in just two short weeks.

This week, Senior Director of Digital Strategy Cassiah Jay hosted special guest and celebrity makeup artist Yolanda Halston to answer your questions about our latest and greatest Jeunesse-exclusive product.

“Showing this product equals selling it. It’s one of those great products that once you use it, you’ll never go back.”
– Yolanda Halston

NV user FAQs, professional tips and tricks

How do I pick the right color?

‘Easy Match Color Picker’
On the Jeunesse Global website and Distributors’ replicated websites, the NV page includes a calculator that matches the right NV for you. Simply put in the specifics of the makeup you currently use.

‘Shade Matching Guide’
Jeunesse Distributors can purchase the Shade Matching Guide to use at home parties and face-to-face demonstrations. Three transparent plastic sheets separate NV shades into dark, medium and light tones, and users can match it with their own skin at the wrist, face or collarbone.

The NV foundation color line includes nine Warm (“W”) and Neutral (“N”) tones that were formulated using real skin colors and match with all skin types.

Pro tip!
N4 is the most common shade for medium skin tones. It’s the color that Cassiah and Wendy both wear!

Pro tip!
Neutral shades generally look more natural on men’s skin.

How should I apply NV?

NV has buildable coverage with whatever tool you want to use. “There’s no rules in makeup!” Yolanda laughed.

Apply NV BB perfecting mist foundation by:

  • Misting directly onto your skin in a zigzag motion
  • Spraying onto a sponge and applying it directly to your face
  • Spraying into the palm of your hand and applying it with your fingertips
  • Spraying it onto a sponge or your palm and using a foundation brush

Play around with NV to discover the application technique that’s right for you.

What about the NV puff?
NV puffs have been designed with a unique shape that gets into the small areas around your mouth, nose and eyes. The material absorbs excess moisture and buffs the foundation into the skin. The puffs are also machine-washable!

Pro tip!
If you’re giving home parties, consider using disposable sponges for hygienic reasons. Look for latex-free sponges to avoid complications with latex sensitivity.

Pro tip!
Apply the bronzer in a circular pattern rather than a zigzag, to avoid creating shine on your nose.

How do I use the hair band?

The machine-washable fabric hair band includes a Velcro® closure that keeps your hair away from your face and makeup out of your hair and off your ears. You can also use your hand or the hair band to cover your eyes if your eye makeup is done or you’re wearing false eyelashes.

What is the right way to care for my skin?

Clean skin holds makeup best. Cleanse your skin every day, then use the Luminesce® cellular rejuvenation serum and daily moisturizing complex. At night, remove all makeup with a gentle cleanser and apply a deep-moisturizing treatment, such as Luminesce advanced night repair.


Pro tip!
“NV stays on until you take it off,” says Yolanda. She recommends using a washcloth and gentle cleanser for soft exfoliation.

Pro tip!
Use a deep-cleansing treatment once per week, like the Luminesce ultimate lifting masque, for best results in your daily skincare routine.

Is NV waterproof?

While nothing is “waterproof,” NV is definitely water-resistant. Yolanda describes its high levels of performance in high-humidity and beach-location photo shoots.

Pro tip!
For home parties, have a bowl or spray bottle of water handy to demonstrate NV’s water resistance. Mist NV onto someone’s hand, let it dry. Spritz or drip water onto it to show how it stays put.

More NV resources let you #BeTheEnvy

Watch the full video for more tips on how to use NV to cover tattoos, how to use NV products together or separately, and full details of all the first-time-fresh benefits you get in every mist of NV.

Visit Joffice™ to order the NV brochure or Shade Matching Guide. Share the “Easy Match Color Picker” with anyone shopping for makeup on your replicated website. Check out the NV action path in the Prospector tool on Jmobile™ for guidance on contacting leads about NV.